Late Nights with Trav and Los
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Travis and his best friend Carlos talk late into the night, exploring new ideas for creative professionals. They argue over concepts, share secrets, and interview their industry heroes.

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    Phone Tag – Vol.1

    Los and Trav leave messages for each other over the holidays.

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    Give Creatively

    Trav chats with guest host John Eze about ways that we can use our creativity to give more of ourselves.

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    Shea Lewis – Growing Up

    We are back with Shea. We talk about how his associates are helping him to grow into his new position. We talk about the journey of self discovery; what and how someone should go about improving themselves.

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    Shea Lewis – Young Gun

    Entrepreneur, designer, young gun – Shea Lewis joins us at the table to talk about growing up, finding yourself and learning from others.

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