Late Nights with Trav and Los

Travis and his best friend Carlos talk late into the night, exploring new ideas for creative professionals. They argue over concepts, share secrets, and interview their industry heroes.

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    How To Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

    Trav and Los talk about the value of being able to doubt your assumptions and provide a little test that you can use to determine if your assumptions are based on good values.

    Ultimately, they conclude that if your assumptions are asking other people to change, they may not be productive assumptions.

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    How to make deep connections quickly

    Trav and Los talk about meeting new people and making deep connections quickly. Download the questions we used as conversation prompts when we led the first night at Epicurrence this year.

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    Los has a new job

    Los recently switched employers and Travis wants to know how to make the best impression at a new job. This is actually a good episode, lol.

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    Viable Minimum Product

    In this episode we take a look at how the ethos of "Minimum Viable Product" has been lost in translation. We break it down, unpack it, and talk to the spirit of what once was the MVP.

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    Getting Started as a Public Speaker

    In this episode, we unravel a thread of an idea and watch it unravel into a fantastic walkthrough from Travis around some potential actions we could take to get started as a public speaker.

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    Tools, not Rules (live conference talk)

    Trav gives a live presentation in front of a small group about lessons learned after three years of podcasting. Thank you to for putting the event together!

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    Alex Tran + New Designer + Fresh

    In this episode we talk to Alex Tran about being a Junior Designer and his journey into design

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    Aidan Simpson – Part 2

    Trav and Aidan talk about the art of podcasting and how Aiden thinks about the work he is currently involved in.

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    Aidan Simpson – Part 1

    Trav sits down with Aidan Simpson to talk about how his life experiences contribute to the creative work that he does today.

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