Late Nights with Trav and Los

Travis and his best friend Carlos talk late into the night, exploring new ideas for creative professionals. They argue over concepts, share secrets, and interview their industry heroes.

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    Tools, not Rules (live conference talk)

    Trav gives a live presentation in front of a small group about lessons learned after three years of podcasting. Thank you to for putting the event together!

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    Aidan Simpson – Part 2

    Trav and Aidan talk about the art of podcasting and how Aiden thinks about the work he is currently involved in.

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    Aidan Simpson – Part 1

    Trav sits down with Aidan Simpson to talk about how his life experiences contribute to the creative work that he does today.

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    What are you willing to struggle with?

    Trav and Los ponder the difference between struggling for something, and struggling with something. They arrive at an important realization that "it's the time in line, not the ride, that matters."

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    In Defense Of The Ordinary

    Travis talks to Los about what it means to really appreciate life. They realize that it's the everyday mundane that is the part that that we really need to value.

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