Late Nights with Trav and Los
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Join Travis and Carlos for a late night discussion about being a healthy and productive professional in todays creative economy. Casual, fun, educational (maybe).

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    Imposter Syndrome

    Trav travels across the United States and speaks to people all over about their experience with Imposter Syndrome.

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    Experience Canvas: A framework for your product

    Los walks us through The Experience Canvas: a framework for project teams of any size to ensure that the end result – whether it’s a minimum viable product (MVP), a new feature roll-out, even a process or other business initiative – is thorough, considered, user-centred and lean, without compromising on flexibility. The emphasis is on the experience to be achieved by that result; a minimum viable experience (MVE), if you will.

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    I'm not good enough - Listener Question #2

    Los answers our second listener question: How do we get past the point of doubt. How do we get past the thought that the content we created isn’t even worth publishing? How do we get past the feeling of not being good enough?

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    How To Make A Name for Yourself

    Travis shares with Los the secret to how creative ideas are spread. It's not about how good you are, it's who you help.

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    The gap between taste and skill

    Los writes one sentence down and then we podcast about it. We talk about the gap between taste and skill as a response to one of our Twitter followers. Always a great reminder :)

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    8 ways to build trust

    Los walks us through the 8 things he focuses on for building trust with pretty much anyone.

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    Reagan Kim is the nicest person I’ve ever met

    Reagan Kim is a talented and genuine person. Regan was Trav's mentor when he joined Google. He's worked at Fox Entertainment, Netflix, Google, and now Facebook. He walk us through his journey and we pull out the principles of his success.

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