Late Nights with Trav and Los
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Join Travis and Carlos for a late night discussion about being a healthy and productive professional in todays creative economy. Casual, fun, educational (maybe).

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    Selling Your Ideas

    Trav talks about using trust, clarity, and emotional impact to sell your ideas powerfully and quickly to the right people.

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    The job to be done

    Today we talk about the "job to be done" of the products you hire everyday (phones, chairs, phones, cups, etc.) and how you can start thinking about the "job to be done" of the things you make.

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    Imposter Syndrome

    Trav travels across the United States and speaks to people all over about their experience with Imposter Syndrome.

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    Experience Canvas: A framework for your product

    Los walks us through The Experience Canvas: a framework for project teams of any size to ensure that the end result – whether it’s a minimum viable product (MVP), a new feature roll-out, even a process or other business initiative – is thorough, considered, user-centred and lean, without compromising on flexibility. The emphasis is on the experience to be achieved by that result; a minimum viable experience (MVE), if you will.

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    I'm not good enough - Listener Question #2

    Los answers our second listener question: How do we get past the point of doubt. How do we get past the thought that the content we created isn’t even worth publishing? How do we get past the feeling of not being good enough?

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