Late Nights with Trav and Los

Travis and his best friend Carlos talk late into the night, exploring new ideas for creative professionals. They argue over concepts, share secrets, and interview their industry heroes.

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    The Last Episode

    This is a particularly hard episode to make. I'm guessing you've read the title, so you know what I'm talking about. In this episode Los and I agree to end the podcast. It's officially over.

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    How To Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

    Trav and Los talk about the value of being able to doubt your assumptions and provide a little test that you can use to determine if your assumptions are based on good values.

    Ultimately, they conclude that if your assumptions are asking other people to change, they may not be productive assumptions.

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    How to make deep connections quickly

    Trav and Los talk about meeting new people and making deep connections quickly. Download the questions we used as conversation prompts when we led the first night at Epicurrence this year.

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    Los has a new job

    Los recently switched employers and Travis wants to know how to make the best impression at a new job. This is actually a good episode, lol.

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    Viable Minimum Product

    In this episode we take a look at how the ethos of "Minimum Viable Product" has been lost in translation. We break it down, unpack it, and talk to the spirit of what once was the MVP.

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    Getting Started as a Public Speaker

    In this episode, we unravel a thread of an idea and watch it unravel into a fantastic walkthrough from Travis around some potential actions we could take to get started as a public speaker.

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    Tools, not Rules (live conference talk)

    Trav gives a live presentation in front of a small group about lessons learned after three years of podcasting. Thank you to for putting the event together!

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    Alex Tran + New Designer + Fresh

    In this episode we talk to Alex Tran about being a Junior Designer and his journey into design

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    Aidan Simpson – Part 2

    Trav and Aidan talk about the art of podcasting and how Aiden thinks about the work he is currently involved in.

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    Aidan Simpson – Part 1

    Trav sits down with Aidan Simpson to talk about how his life experiences contribute to the creative work that he does today.

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    Pleasure + Purpose = Happiness

    Travis talks with Chas about trying to balance pleasure and purpose to find happiness

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    What are you willing to struggle with?

    Trav and Los ponder the difference between struggling for something, and struggling with something. They arrive at an important realization that "it's the time in line, not the ride, that matters."

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    In Defense Of The Ordinary

    Travis talks to Los about what it means to really appreciate life. They realize that it's the everyday mundane that is the part that that we really need to value.

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    Travis Is A Child

    Travis is mad because adulthood has no map, and pre-pubescence does.

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    The Stages of Group Development

    Los gives us some insight into an idea coined in 1965 about the different stages groups go through when in a group.

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    A Lesson To My Younger Self

    If you could give your younger self one piece of advise, what would it be?

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    Five Love Languages (and how to use them)

    Trav tells Los about the five languages of love and how we can use this paradigm to communicate more effectively with everyone around us.

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    Think To Talk (a method for collaboration and communication)

    In this episode Trav talks about the way he likes to think through problems in groups and Los introduces the idea that some people are "Talk to Think" and other are "Think to Talk". A can't miss episode.

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    How to get a podcast started

    In this episode Los walks us through some of the ideas to keep in mind when starting a podcast.

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    The Future of Late Nights

    In this episode, Los walks us through the Future of Late Nights With Trav and Los.

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    Undiiscovered Ep 2 — Morqix

    The episode you are listening to is the second episode of our new segment called; Undiiscovered. A show dedicated to bringing you the raw sounds of new and emerging musicians.

    In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt McDonald who produces under the moniker of Morqix.

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    Los Is A New Man

    Los talks about the major changes he's made in his life that have resulted in greater creative output and higher satisfaction.

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    The Nothing Word

    Trav tells Los about the word he is trying to avoid using, enabling him to have more honest and specific conversations.

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    Undiiscovered Ep 1 — John Henry's Farm

    In this episode, I introduce you to a new show that I’m producing and hosting.

    The new segment is called Undiiscovered, a show dedicated to bringing you the raw sounds of new and emerging musicians.

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    Learn To See Your Problems As Funnel Problems

    Travis shares a way to look at some types of problems – think of them as a funnel! Inspired by Jack Conte's video "Everything is a funnel"

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    We play a game, then talk about being unstoppable.

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    A new year catch-up and chat

    After not recording in the same place for a month, we are back and have a chat.

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    Phone Tag – Vol.1

    Los and Trav leave messages for each other over the holidays.

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    Give Creatively

    Trav chats with guest host John Eze about ways that we can use our creativity to give more of ourselves.

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    Show Your Worth – How to tell the story of your value

    If you want to be seen as relevant, you have to start now to collect the evidence that tells the story of the things you do, the value that you bring.

    You need Objective Evidence

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    Shea Lewis – Growing Up

    We are back with Shea. We talk about how his associates are helping him to grow into his new position. We talk about the journey of self discovery; what and how someone should go about improving themselves.

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    Shea Lewis – Young Gun

    Entrepreneur, designer, young gun – Shea Lewis joins us at the table to talk about growing up, finding yourself and learning from others.

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    Helen Tran — The Journey Part Two

    In our second episode with Helen Tran, we discover and expand on her journey to becoming a professional creative.

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    Helen Tran — Vagabond Part One

    Trav and Los meet Helen Tran at a Epicurrence in Moab, UT. We meet up after and recorded parts of our conversation to share with our podcast listeners :) Here's to you.

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    Designing You Authentic Self – Part 2

    We had an awesome opportunity to share the recording of this episode with a live audience along with a guest, the talented designer Jamie Leach. AIGA hosted a meet up and we had a great time, met some fantastic people.

    This is the second of a two part recording.

    The title of this 2 part series is “Designing your authentic self” this second episode focuses on finding your unique voice in your craft.

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    Designing You Authentic Self – Part 1

    We had an awesome opportunity to share the recording of this episode with a live audience along with a guest, the talented designer Jamie Leach. AIGA hosted a meet up and we had a great time, met some fantastic people.

    This is a two part recording, next week we’ll hear the second part.

    The title of this 2 part series is “Designing your authentic self” this first episode is covers the idea of self-awareness, what it is, why we need it, and how to discover an appreciation for everyones little brand of crazy.

    It’s a good conversation, hope you like it. Next week we talk about using that awareness to find an authentic voice in your craft.

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    Becoming a better Visual Designer

    In this episode, Los walks us through what are the questions you ask yourself as a visual designer and how later on they become intuitive.

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    Jon Lax – Closing Teehan + Lax, and The Future Of Design

    We sit at the table of Jon Lax and he shares his reaction to the backlash on the internet when they closed TeeHan and Lax. Jon also gives us insight into how he sees the future of design playing out.

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    What is important to you?

    In this episode, Los had planned to talk about one thing and we end up talking about how does one find importance?

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    Storytelling for Designers

    In this episode, hosted by Los, the duo discuss storytelling and the place it holds in design and other industries.

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    Los's creative process

    Los walks us through his current creative process and uses his vlog on Instagram as a case study

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    Make your idea a reality

    Los starts a new art project and has you hold him accountable for seeing it through!!

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    Increase Influence by Moving Upstream

    Trav and Los chat about how to maximize the influence they have on the organization and the product by getting as far as possible up the stream.

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    Crucial Conversations

    In today's episode we talk through what a crucial conversation is and a few tips on how to best have them.

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    Selling Your Ideas

    Trav talks about using trust, clarity, and emotional impact to sell your ideas powerfully and quickly to the right people.

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    The Elevator Pitch – Why you need it, and how it works.

    Everyone need to have an "Elevator Pitch" – It's a quick script that you keep in your pocket that let's you talk about what you do, the right way.

    Here are a few steps to a great elevator pitch.

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    The job to be done

    Today we talk about the "job to be done" of the products you hire everyday (phones, chairs, phones, cups, etc.) and how you can start thinking about the "job to be done" of the things you make.

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    Imposter Syndrome

    Trav travels across the United States and speaks to people all over about their experience with Imposter Syndrome.

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    Experience Canvas: A framework for your product

    Los walks us through The Experience Canvas: a framework for project teams of any size to ensure that the end result – whether it’s a minimum viable product (MVP), a new feature roll-out, even a process or other business initiative – is thorough, considered, user-centred and lean, without compromising on flexibility. The emphasis is on the experience to be achieved by that result; a minimum viable experience (MVE), if you will.

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    I'm not good enough - Listener Question #2

    Los answers our second listener question: How do we get past the point of doubt. How do we get past the thought that the content we created isn’t even worth publishing? How do we get past the feeling of not being good enough?

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    How To Make A Name for Yourself

    Travis shares with Los the secret to how creative ideas are spread. It's not about how good you are, it's who you help.

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    The gap between taste and skill

    Los writes one sentence down and then we podcast about it. We talk about the gap between taste and skill as a response to one of our Twitter followers. Always a great reminder :)

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    8 ways to build trust

    Los walks us through the 8 things he focuses on for building trust with pretty much anyone.

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    Reagan Kim is the nicest person I’ve ever met

    Reagan Kim is a talented and genuine person. Regan was Trav's mentor when he joined Google. He's worked at Fox Entertainment, Netflix, Google, and now Facebook. He walk us through his journey and we pull out the principles of his success.

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    Building Self Confidence

    Los talks to Pavan and Travis about building self confidence. We sing in the end! :)

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    Purpose and Branding

    Trav and Los talk with Cory Miller about allowing your purpose to direct your brand.

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    Cory Miller is a Good Human

    Trav and Los invite Cory Miller, the good human, onto the show. We ask Cory one question and fill up a half hour with content. Podcasting is easy!

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    Expectational Debt

    Trav returns home from a relaxing vacation only to find himself buried in "Expectational Debt" — What is this? How do we solve this problem?

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    The Benefits of Creativity

    Los tells Trav about the benefits of creativity. Also, our 50th Episode :)

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    How to Get Motivated

    Trav tells Los the secret to getting motivated. It's actually very simple...

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    The Value of Reflection

    Trav tells Los about the odd way he likes to celebrate his birthday. Trav and Los discuss the value of meditation and reflection.

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    Sometimes, we fail hard

    I (los) try to get Travis involved in a on-air problem solving design exercise. It doesn't work, at all. We then go on a related tangent about ads and content creation.

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    Jared Erondu

    Jared Erondu (of TeeSpring, Tree House, and The Industry) stops by to talk to us about getting his start, navigating a creative career, and always being true to yourself.

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    Hosting a Jeffersonian Dinner

    Los hosts a show on Jeffersonian Dinners. We discuss the history of the Jeffersonian dinner, the structure, the rules, and how to host your own.

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    How We Really Create

    Trav tells Los about a transformative realization that came from watching a series of lectures.

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    The loss of thought

    Trav and Los talk about the importance of thinking.

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    Jonathan Cutrell of Developer Tea: Interview

    Jonathan Cutrell speaks with us about his work on the Developer Tea podcast. His goals, his methods, and how he learned to find his voice.

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    How To Enjoy Yourself At A Conference

    Trav went to Texas to attend Circles Conference and shares with Los a few pointers on how to make the most of the time at a conference

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    Thoughts On The New Google Logo

    SPECIAL EDITION: Trav and Los look at the reactions to Google's new logo, and then give their own.

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    Stop limiting yourself

    In this episode Trav and Los talk to you about not limiting yourself and what you can do to expand you capacities.

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    Share To Win!

    Trav tells Los about why you should share what you are working on, and what are some good ideas of things to share.

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    The Full Process

    On the heels of a recent episode called "The Full Process Designer" — we want to talk about what exactly The Process is.

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    Empty your cup, empty your mind.

    Trav and Los have a late night chat about how we are beginners, amateurs, and experts all at the same time.

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    Full-Process Designer

    Travis has an idea. He shares with Los how to talk about Designers who are involved with the whole process, end to end.

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    Sell Your Work, Sell Yourself

    Trav tells Los why it's important to act like a salesman when presenting your work.

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    Change Will Lead To Insight

    Trav presents a quote about how to gain insight quickly. He and Los discuss this, 7-11 hotdogs, how to walk backwards, and more!

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    Seek first to understand the why?

    Before starting any project or sharing any work, first seek to understand the why? not the what?

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    Why You Should Be A Publisher

    Trav tells Los about his dream about how everyone could be a publisher, and outlines some compelling reasons to do so.

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    How To Get Constructive Feedback

    In this episode we teach you some tips on how to get constructive and accurate feedback.

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    The Art of Listening

    We talk about the importance of active listening and what you can do to get better at it.

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    Trav's Little Book of Knowledge

    Travis opens up his notebook and walks us through a number of points he found significant enough to write down. This is his Book of Knowledge.

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    How To Get A Job and Keep It

    In this episode we talk about the 10 steps Los has followed to get a job and keep it.

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    Set and Achieve Better Goals

    Trav and Los discuss 12 tips that can help you set and achieve better goals.

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    Our First Guest!

    In this show we interview Travis McCleery, designer at Evernote.

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    Los Talks About Life and Junk

    Travis has a quick question for Los before they start the show. Two hours later the show never started. Such is a Late Night with Trav and Los.

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    Focus Your Passion

    As creatives we tend to have competing creative interests and hobbies. Tonight we talk about that and maybe we learn how to manage those interests.

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    Reflect to Thrive

    Los and Trav discuss the benefits and drawbacks of community building. We are looking at Patreon. Travis celebrates his birthdays in a very unusual way. They discuss the importance of reflecting on the past to prepare for a successful future.

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    How to find a mentor

    Travis takes Los to the airport while they discuss the best way to find and engage mentors.

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    How to be Self-learning Part 2

    Today we have access to unimaginable amounts of information, which in turn makes it easier for us to learn outside of the classroom. So, what are the steps we can take to be self-learning?

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    How to be Self-learning Part 1

    Today we have access to unimaginable amounts of information, which in turn makes it easier for us to learn outside of the classroom. So, what are the steps we can take to be self-learning?

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    The intro episode

    Trav and Los intro you to the podcast :)

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